let’s create…or try!

So I’ve been laid up on bed rest because of having “girly” surgery, and I’ve been surfing the web for creative ideas…anything artsy!! I have never dabbled in mixed media art journaling, and after visiting Donna Downey’s blog on a daily basis…or should I say MULTIPLE times a day…my creative juices have been flowing. My problem was I wasn’t sure where to start to get back into my creative mode. I have a fully stocked art studio…well, it could never be fully stocked, so maybe I should say “well-equipped” studio. I love every kind of art…and I’ll buy anything with a rainbow of colors!

So to get to the point…I’m dabbling. I don’t have the energy quite yet to stand & really create, so while I’m laying up in the bed, I’m drawing, doodling, lettering, watercoloring…with my brand new Christmas present to myself, Derwent Inktense 36 watercolor pencil set. Love! Of course my handy-dandy waterbrush. With these supplies in hand, I found a simply wonderful blog for “Elvie Studio“. Lori Vliegen is the creative artist with beautiful lettering & high-end “doodles”…love her stuff! So she was my inspiration to try creative lettering again. I handmade a simple watercolor journal, sat in my bed with a pad of graph paper, and literally eyeballed her letters. I am nowhere in the realm of her talents, but it’s been fun to make an effort. I love the whimsy in her work, so I chose a cute little design to attempt as my first project. I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s ideas…this was just for practice…but I most definitely want her to get credit for the original work. Here was my attempt:


little chickadees

So I’m slightly embarrassed about the quality of the photo…I’m am, after all, a photographer…but I am stuck in bed for the most part. Maybe I’ll update this pic soon with a better one. Anywho…I loved my “little chickadees”…and I appreciate everyone out there on the web who share their art, passions, videos, & ideas for those of us who have lost our inspiration!


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