Zentangle: In Memory Of…Logan

I wanted to try a monogram, and the first letter that came to me was “L” for the memory of my son, Logan.


I then tried making one on shrink plastic to make a charm for my memory necklace, and it turned out great…until I shrunk it. It distorted and didn’t shrink evenly. And I started with a 4×4″ size, so it was too large when it shrunk. This was a test piece, but I had taken a picture, so I will try to print it smaller on inkjet printable shrink plastic & do a few more trials to get the perfect charm.




Zentangle…part 2…

This was my second attempt. I like the individual parts & pieces, but I have to admit I don’t like the overall look as well as the first one.

It’s all a learning experience, and I enjoyed the creative process regardless.